Procter & Gamble P&G CEO Challenge 2017 - Indonesia in Indonesia

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a CEO of a multi-million dollar business through Experiencing P&G functions (Brand Management, Finance, Sales, etc), Leadership Development courses, Field work opportunities with retailers & consumers and more!

P&G Indonesia CEO Challenge 2017is a 4 days program that will be held at the end ofOctober 2017. All confirmed participants are expected to attend the 4 full days event. All Indonesia CEO Challenge participants will have/_priority_/for slot ofP&G Full Time Employment & Internship position.

What can you get by joining this program?

  1. Interactwith TopP&G Leaders.
  2. BecoachedbyP&G Mentors.
  3. ExploreInternational InternshipsandCareer Opportunities in P&G.
  4. Represent P&G Indonesiato compete with the best students inAsia!/*regional round will be held outside Indonesia./

Penultimate year students with strong leadership experiences are encouraged to participate.


Job: A Student Program/Seminar

Title: P&G CEO Challenge 2017 - Indonesia

Location: Indonesia

Requisition ID: ASI00000735