Procter & Gamble 2018 Internship Program – Malaysia in 10, Malaysia

Eager to experience leading a business even before you graduate?

Take your internship with the #1 Company for Leaders*

The P&G Internship Program is a holistic program designed to give students an intensive immersion in the exciting and challenging corporate environment of P&G. Undergraduates accepted into the program are each entrusted with a live, individual, business project to lead, own, and execute over the course of their internship with us. Each intern receives a customized learning plan to ensure they get the right levels of coaching, mentorship, and formal training as they deliver their work at P&G.

If you are an undergraduate student in your penultimate year with a strong drive to lead, a hunger to learn, a thirst to overcome barriers, a ceaseless passion to win, and an interest in pursuing a career at P&G – this program is for you.

How Do You Apply?

1. Complete the online application and take the online assessment 2. Take the Global Reasoning Test at our P&G Office 3. Pass the Resume Screening in the Function you are applying for The resume you upload should be 2 pages maximum and contain the following information: · Your complete name and contact details, university and degree, year of graduation · Academic history and key results, including GPA and any other scholastic achievements · Your top 3-5 leadership experiences and achievements to date. Include 2-3 sentences to describe your specific role, the interventions you made and results achieved · Other relevant projects, research work, competitions, business ventures, athletic organizations, or internship experiences you have been part of 4. Pass the Comprehensive Interviews in the Function you apply for

*Ranked #1 in Chief Executive Magazine’s List of Best Companies for Leaders in 2012-2014

Why take the P&G Internship Management Experience?

· Work on a live, independent business project that YOU OWN, LEAD and EXECUTE · Experience a global corporate environment and work with a diverse, cross-cultural team · Get formal training from P&G’s Leadership and Functional Colleges · Be coached and mentored by seasoned P&G leaders · Experience being a P&Ger and present your project to senior leaders during your midpoint and final presentation · Get compensated for the work you deliver · Finally, the best fit interns have potential to receive a Job Offer from P&G for Fulltime Management Positions after they graduate

The P&G Internship Program is open to all students who meet the criteria for eligibility: 1. University undergrads/graduates who are currently pursuing a Degree 2. Demonstrated leadership skills and strong analytical capability 3. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 4.Strong English verbal and writing skill 5. Interested in pursuing a career at P&G after graduation

The internship duration 8 weeks to 6 months.

Job: Sales

Title: 2018 Internship Program – Malaysia

Location: MY-10-Petaling Jaya

Requisition ID: SLS00002429