Procter & Gamble Product Supply Function - Taicang Distribution Centre Transportation Operation Planner (太仓DC运输主管) in 32, China

  • Business Purpos *

    The transportation operation Planner is responsible for the management of daily operations of finished product shipments to P&G customers, including cost, capacity and service.

    太仓分销中心负责配送宝洁大中华区华东区域客户,覆盖大中华区生意 20% 以上,太仓分销中心运输主管主要负责日常对于华东客户运输的管理,以及推动运输模式创新、成本节约及客户配送的效率和服务上升。

    • Daily Operations ** 日常运作 *

      o Own/manage/develop systems or work processes related to daily management of customer finished product shipments.

      o 负责 / 管理 / 及开发系统和客户运输运作工作流程

      o Daily collaboration with DC/ customers/suppliers to identify and resolve gaps related to trailer pool management, emergency order processing, customer receiving issue, etc.

      o 与 TCDC 、客户以及供应商共同解决订单处理、配送过程等日常问题。

      • Cost Management and service uplift ** 成本与客户服务 *

      o Collaboration with DC/customer/Carriers on cost saving opportunities (supply network design, innovation, etc.)

      o 与 TCDC 、客户以及供应商共同寻求创新以节约成本(供应网络优化、运输模式创新等)

      o Minimize cost of exceptions (emergency orders, premium freight, less than full vehicles, etc)

      o 跟踪及减少不必要的开支。

      o Drive customer service level upgrade.

      o 推动对客户服务水平的上升。

    1. Strong ownership and accountability. Passion for work and self-development. 较强的责任心及自主意识、对于工作和自我提高有激情。

    2. Good logical thinking and problem solving skills 较强的逻辑思考和解决问题的能力。

    3. Collage degree or above is must 专科或以上学历

    4. Good supplier management and communication skills is preferred. 较强的供应商管理能力和沟通技巧优先

    All of our hiring in China will follow the China Government Employment Regulation, foreign candidate applying for mainland China's position should comply with local laws and regulations on foreigner employment management, please kindly visit the following website to understand more of this regulation.

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Job: Administrative

Title: Product Supply Function - Taicang Distribution Centre Transportation Operation Planner (太仓DC运输主管)

Location: CN-32-TaiCang

Requisition ID: SNO00002637