Procter & Gamble Marketing - University graduatedArgentina in Capital Federal, Argentina

For over 175 years, P&G has created some of the world’s most successful brands. From consumer insights to world class design, marketing and communication, the Brand function is the “heartbeat” of the Company with unmatched opportunity to take on new challenges each day. We believe in serving the consumer and ensuring our organization, talent and brand building reflects the diversity and needs of the approximate 5 billion people around the world we serve through our brands. We value leadership as well as mastery and offer fulfilling career opportunities that make us an unbeatable force in our industry. Our brand building is multi-disciplined, seamless and focused on delivering outstanding business results with opportunities in the Brand disciplines of Brand Management, Consumer & Market Knowledge, Communications and Design. Beyond these discipline career opportunities in Brand, opportunities exist for higher level Management opportunities in the function that can also lead to General Management at P&G. P&G invented the concept of brand and brand management. Over the years, we've remained on the cutting edge of marketing, always finding new and leading-edge ways of reaching consumers. The Brand Management function produces most of the company’s General Managers and future CEO’s. P&G Brand Management is about growing our Brands, Business and People. They are accountable for all aspects of the brand. They develop strategies based around the “WHO, WHAT, HOW" framework. In Brand Management, you will identify the target demographic (WHO), define what product/messaging best meets her needs (WHAT) to determine what vehicle (HOW) is most effective in delivering the message to consumers. The HOW is becoming increasingly digital in nature, and our brand managers are expected to be savvy in the latest digital advertising tools in addition to traditional advertising vehicles. Over the years, we’ve remained consistently on the cutting edge of marketing, always finding new and exciting ways of reaching consumers.
P&G's marketing philosophy can be summed up in the simple phrase: "Receptive messages in receptive moments." We believe we have two moments to touch consumers: when they choose the product in the store and when they use it at home – what we call the "two moments of choice". The first moment is what we focus on seriously when marketing products. But we also need to reach consumers in over-saturated markets. To narrow in and strengthen advertising effectiveness, P&G employs another principle, "What, Who, How." As a P&G marketer, you will pinpoint a product's image (what) and target demographic (who) in order to determine what vehicle (how) is most effective in relaying their message to consumers. As part of Marketing Team you will be a key contributor to the brand’s strategic choices, product and commercial innovations, holistic communication plans, and brand executions across all media and consumer touch points. From Day One, you will be assigned full responsibility for your brand and business results. You will be accountable for developing and executing strategies and plans in partnership with internal multi-discipline teams and external creative and communication agencies. To be successful in this role, you will need strong passion and strength in consumer, customer and market understanding and insights to develop creative and innovative solutions that allow us to win in the marketplace.

This position requires a University Diploma. Additionally, qualified candidates must have proven success from school or work experience including strong leadership by envisioning, direction setting and enrolling others; thinking/problem solving; creativity & innovation; initiative & follow-through; communication; and priority setting. Fluid English.

Job: Marketing/Brand Management

Title: Marketing - University graduated Argentina

Location: ARG-Capital Federal-Capital Federal

Requisition ID: BRM00000920