Procter & Gamble Product Supply Function - Warehouse Planner in Guangdong, China

  1. As the overall owner of warehouse supplier performance and daily warehouse operation. 负责仓库第三方运作团队的绩效管理和仓库日常运作管理;

    1. Daily interface with GBUs (global business units) on receiving, Interface with inventory related issues , and interface with center planner on RCCP process & capacity planning. 负责和公司各个生意业务线沟通收货/库存相关信息,与总部计划部门沟通和协调产能计划流程;

    2. Warehouse operation management, warehouse system management, transportation management and quality management. 负责仓库日常运作管理,仓库系统管理,客户运输管理和质量管理。

    3. College degree or above, major in logistics, transportation, warehousing and other engineering related fields is preferred. 大专或大专以上学历,物流,运输或相关领域的理工科背景为佳;

    4. More than 2 years logistic or manufacturing related experience. And work at e-commerce related industry is highly appreciated. 至少两年的物流或制造相关工作,有电商物流工作经验背景为佳;

    5. Data analysis, skilled in excel and MS software. 数据分析,熟练使用excel相关的软件操作;

    6. Good knowledge at warehouse management process and outside best practice. 对仓储物流行业有较深的认识和了解,并熟悉行业内的最佳实践为佳;

    7. Have ever used SAP or other warehouse management system, and received relevant training. 使用过SAP或相关仓库管理系统,并接受过相关操作培训为佳

    All of our hiring in China will follow the China Government Employment Regulation, foreign candidate applying for mainland China's position should comply with local laws and regulations on foreigner employment management, please kindly visit the following website to understand more of this regulation.

    Please kindly input your name in both Chinese characters and Pinyin when you fill in the form. Thank you!


Job: Administrative

Title: Product Supply Function - Warehouse Planner

Location: CN-Guangdong-Guangzhou(Canton)

Requisition ID: SNO00002533

Other Locations: CN-42-WuHan