Procter & Gamble Internship – Part Time – Brand Management - Panama in Panamá, Panama

P&G offers you the opportunity to test your knowledge and management abilities in real-life situations in a fast-moving consumer goods company. You will be provided with a deep, experienced based understanding of our Brand Management Operations.

As an intern in Brand Management, you'll gain an excellent grounding in what we do. Marketing, also commonly known as Brand Management, is a mainspring and moving force behind our business. From your first day on the job, you will be given immediate project responsibility. It is your opportunity to be an entrepreneur and to market superior products to a local, regional or global community, using both well-established and innovative techniques. Your first assignment gives you the chance to immediately contribute to the business, while developing your professional skills.

We are committed to teaching and coaching you in the conceptual selling techniques and data based presentations to be successful in your projects.


  • Challenging job with meaningful responsibility from 1st day at work

  • Competitive salary and corporate benefits

  • Flexible schedule (88-176 hours per month)

  • Collaborative work environment in multifunctional business team

  • Individual coaching and long-term career planning

  • Constant trainings

Our Assessment Process

  1. This job posting application

  2. Online test: Peak Performance Factors Assessment

  3. P&G based test: Reasoning Test

  4. Initial Interview

  5. BELT – Online English Test

  6. Final Interview with top management

    • Students from all majors that are at least in the last two years to graduate.

    • Strong leadership & communication skills.

    • Good command of the English language

    • Legally eligible to work in Panama

Job: Marketing/Brand Management

Title: Internship – Part Time – Brand Management - Panama

Location: PAN-Panamá-Panama

Requisition ID: BRM00000726