Procter & Gamble SIP Key User in Singapore, Singapore

The SIP Key User enables efficient and effective planning by building and maintaining skills and knowledge of the SIP planning roles. The Key User also leverages external capability resources to resolve issues and develop and deploy new capability to the Planning Service Center (PSC) operational planning community. The Key User also plays a central role in ensuring the planning solutions remain appropriate to deliver the business results as our strategies and supply chains change over time.

This role is a growth opportunity for accomplished planners. It provides the chance to demonstrate the ability to build capability in people, work processes and technical systems. The target time required to fulfill this role is 70% Key User support and 30% core work (vacation/back-up coverage or similar). This role works in conjunction with the Business Process Experts (BPX’s) to deliver capability to the organization. The role requires a medium amount of self-direction, and has a direct impact on business results through proper coaching of the SIP planner roles. Key Users will be involved in supporting projects that are reapplications of proven solutions, though the unique business scenarios may require a fair amount of skill to adapt. * Provides quality input to support supply chain and business scenario changes.
* Provides quality 2nd level support to SIP End Users (>80% of issues identified are resolved by the Key User).
* Leverages the standard support model to report and resolve problems.
* Supports System Integration Testing (SIT) and Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) on an as needed basis.
* Represents SIP on ERP data councils (or similar cross HPN teams) to solve complex SAP-related problems.
* Continuously improves SAP operations through reapplication and change processes
* Supports the qualification of SIP End Users for their Step-up Card/technical qualification (Basic/Intermediate levels).
* Provides SIP training as needed, both in formal training classes and individual training.
* Drives capability improvements through coaching and education of End Users * Executes SIP Planner role on a going basis for vacation/back-up coverage (or similar)

This role is targeted to achieve Advanced Qualification on a going basis, which is expected to take a minimum of 3-5 years to develop. The person filling this role would have achieved Intermediate Qualification in a previous assignment (or set of assignments), and progressed toward Advanced Qualification. The role requires a strong knowledge of the Category business processes and how to deliver them within SIP.

Job: Logistics/Supply Network Operations

Title: SIP Key User

Location: SG-Singapore-Singapore

Requisition ID: SNO00002532