Procter & Gamble Latinamerican Students – Panama Internship Program July - December 2018 in Argentina

We are looking students to do a 5 months internship in Panama in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Product Supply, Sales, Market Knowledge or Human Resources. We have 2 waves per year; one between January and June and another between July and December. Interviews will be done in March-April and September-October.

/We offer:

/ • Challenging job with meaningful responsibility from 1st day at work, • Collaborative work environment in multifunctional business team, • Individual coaching and long-term career planning, • Important diversity and work-life balance programs • Rich development program focusing on personal skills & professional development including individual on-the-job and small-group trainings • Promotion from within policies, • Excellent salary and benefits • Temporary Living Accommodations • Look & See Trip and visa process

• Passport must be valid until at least January 2020

• Confirmation from the University to put on hold the studies for at least 6 months. In case of exceptional results, the internship can be extended for another period as long as the University is in agreement.

Job: A Student Program/Seminar

Title: Latinamerican Students – Panama Internship Program July - December 2018

Location: PAN-Panamá-Panama

Requisition ID: LA 00002339

Other Locations: Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil